Menantico Ponds~Where Nature Waved A Magic Wand

Menantico Ponds WMA

Route 49 South
Millville, NJ

The Menantico Ponds are definitely where nature waved its magic wand. Yes, I am full of exquisite corniness. It encompasses over 300 acres of rustic splendor and is a real treat. The ride alone in traveling down the tree-lined concrete path is nature’s beauty hard at work.

The narrow road leading into Menantico

The narrow road leading into Menantico


The road in between both ponds

The road in between Menantico ponds


A long long time ago, like in the 1950s (yes, very ancient). This area was a booming sand mining facility. It was so large they shipped out sand via trains that came into the land. In fact, sand mining has always been big in this area. Due to the nature of the Pine Barren land, it is a very sandy surface. This occurred from glacial periods of freezing and unfreezing. Then the Pines were once entirely underwater. In essence, the Pines are a big barren beach with abundant and unique plant life all around. They are some of my favorite areas to explore in NJ, the Pineys.

Menantico Pond

My first look at one of the ponds


She's very clear

She’s very clear


There is also an urban legend of this area (or perhaps really happened) of an occult murder. In 1971, a man asked his friends to bind his hands and feet and to throw him in one of the ponds. He died and was found 3 days later. He thought his death would make him a satanic ruler and would rise up to conquer legions.

Menantico Pond

La la la la la!


Bow chicka wow wow


Such occurrences and stories are quite common here in South Jersey. Whether it be fact or fiction, it still is one of those “sit around the fire” stories you hear. I didn’t find one thing creepy about the place. In fact, it is quite tranquil.

Lily pads at the "cedar looking" pond

Lily pads at the “cedar looking” pond


Pretty in the Pine Barrens

Pretty in the Pine Barrens


The entrance is quite hard to miss. I went up Port Elizabeth Road to Route 49. It quickly came upon my left. A nice long drive back will have you stopping to check out both ponds. The one pond to the left is a beautiful blue hole. Pristine. The water is so clear you can see to the bottom. It is a nice steep drop to walk down so bring good hiking shoes. A lot of the area of the lake is nice and shallow. Truly beautiful.

Boat Ramp at Menantico Pond

Boat ramp


Trails around the boat ramp

Trails around the boat ramp


On the other side, is the more “Pine Barren” cedar-looking body of water. Abundant plant life on the lake floor. There’s a boat ramp on this side. It seems to be the larger of the ponds.

Me likey the crystal clear water

Me likey the crystal clear water


I then parked the car to yonder. I walked a path to the train tracks and saw a few old mining ruins. They’ve been left of days of old.

Old sand mining ruins

Old sand mining ruins


More Ruins at Menantico

More Ruins at Menantico


It was a beautiful exploring day. I was alone and at peace with myself. Not a soul was around and this Piney woman was very happy. I wish I had a kayak to truly explore these beauties. I’m told it’s something you don’t want to miss. It is quite an avid fishing spot. You can launch your boat and have a great relaxing day.

Side Note: This is a WMA so use caution if adventuring in the fall/winter months. Due to possible encounters with hunters. Keep dogs (never really permitted in WMAs FYI) close due to possibility of getting caught in hunting traps.

14 thoughts on “Menantico Ponds~Where Nature Waved A Magic Wand

  1. ooh! first comment: FRESH post. boy, yoo shurr izz an ambassador(ess) for “the wilds” of NJ (not to mention other places you explore). why you’re not on the “FreschPrest” radar is solely ’cause they (the FP robots) can’t check ev’ry-1, ev’ry wear.
    GOOD STUFF, GAL! legends and all. a lot of people, well, i’d think MOST PEOPLE think of NJ as almost entirely urban. that’s why i said yer an ambassador for “look at the other side”.
    i presume there are hiking/running trails?

  2. I was there this past weekend. Truly gorgeous !! very clean as well. the park ranger said the fishermen and hunters are the ones who keep the place immaculate. I had top and doors off on my Jeep but the ranger said no venturing off the paved trail. :(

    I really wish I had known about this place long ago !!

      • The tale about the man who had his friends bind and drown him is completely true fact.
        I worked as a young law student and lawyer for the attorney who represented one of the
        Guys who obliged him. To get them to do it the future satanic ruler made the two guys
        The beneficiaries of a ten thousand dollar life insurance policy to split fifty fifty.
        Putting that aside it was always a magic spot for me and my friends growing up.
        Have you heard of Nathan’s island out there. From Tom Sawyer land. Great job you did but learn to keep a secret! Martin

  3. What does WMA mean? I am from NY and moved to south Jersey about 30 years ago. I love the countryside, the farms and all the trees. Can you tell me a little about Bridgeton, Clayton and Vineland. Thank you.

    • Dorothy, WMA is NJ’s wording they give to Wildlife Management area. Clayton produced glass and bricks over a hundred years ago and the quality was reportedly impeccable.

      Bridgeton was a pretty fancy smancy area. It held two colleges (reportedly as esteemed as Ivy League in their time).

      Vineland was named for “The land of the Vines.” Charles Landis founded Vineland after Hammonton. He named it Vineland to encourage Italian grape farmers/wine makers to purchase the land as the soil is superb for these growing conditions. Welch Grape Juice got their start in Vineland. I could write a whole entire book.

      Have a Great Evening! -YG

  4. I have fished there many times, a great place to fish…… so bring minnows, there best. The water is so clear you can see the fish biting. A wonderful place to bring the kids, they loved it there, Great Bass Fishing.

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