Knight Park Collingswood~ My Park in Shining Armour

Knight Park

Collings Avenue
Collingswood, New Jersey

Knight Park should be the king of the castle or the holy grail. I was waiting for my “white knight” to show up, but unfortunately, he didn’t arrive. The park is named after Edward Collings Knight. Yup, he is related to R.T. Collings whom Collingswood is named after.

My shining Knight was born on December 8th 1813, in Gloucester City, New Jersey to Jonathan and Rebecca Collings Knight. ‘ E.C’ a descendant of Quaker, Giles Knight, who came to America with William Penn onboard the ship “Welcome.”


Knight Park, Collingswood, New Jersey.


The lovely grounds.

At 18 years old, Edward was a clerk at a country store. Five years later, he purchased his own grocery store and established a business in Philadelphia.

He named his business, E.C. Knight & Company. The E.C Knight portfolio included sugar and molasses refineries as well as a wholesale grocer. He eventually undertook the position of director of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

E.C. was also instrumental in developing a steamship line from Philadelphia to Europe. President Benjamin Harrison offered Knight the post as Ambassador to Russia, however, declined the post.

Edward Collins Knight passed away at his summer cottage in Cape May, New Jersey, on July 21, 1892. However, his memory remains alive today in Collingswood. In 1827, he helped his uncle build the historic Knight-Collings House located on Collings Road, opposite of Knight Park. The Knight-Collings house is one of two homes that still exist today that were owned by the direct bloodline of the founders of Collingswood. Tours of the historic home are held on occasion.


Toddler Park.


Big kid park for the big kid, Yummygal.

In 1893, Knights Park was donated to the public by Knight’s family and is still a recreational fixture in Collingswood. From Knight’s Will, a hundred thousand dollars was put aside and the interest used for maintenance of the park. Presently, Knight Park is administered by six trustees, including the Collingswood Director of Public Safety.


More grounds.


The kid having a blast!

It is over 60 acres of sports fields, a playground, gazebo, pavilion, and a fountain, with a couple large ponds as water features. The park has lots of open space for a walk or run. Dogs are welcome.

Knight Park is as cool as a cucumber. Any kid would love this place. It hosts a new toddler and kid playground. It reminds you of an old Philadelphia park. Yet, clean and comfortable.


Bye kiddie Park!


Bye Knight Park.

You’ll enjoy a day enjoying the scenery. Bring the family or a nice date to walk and enjoy the grounds. It is conveniently located down the street from Haddon Avenue (or I like to call it “Restaurant Row”) so make sure you grab a bite at one of the incredible restaurants!

Btw, I am still searching for my “Knight in Shining Armour.” Oh wait, he’s my husband. However, sometimes I wonder…..and definitely when he’s in the bathroom dropping WWII missiles. Marriage is so romantic, right? Hahaha. It is called real life. This is no fairy tale, hahaha!

Until Our Next Adventure ~The Yummygal

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